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8 (800) 222-56-86 (Приемная комиссия), +7 (4932) 32-62-10 (Ректорат)

Scientific research

Research Department

Address: 153025, Ivanovo, Yermak St., 39, Room 356

Ph.: (4932) 37-60-27, ph./fax: (4932) 32-66-00

E-mail: niu_ivsu@mail.ru

Today Ivanovo State University is the leader in the research done in the sphere of fundamental science in the region. Ivanovo State University, together with the branch which is located in the city of Shuya in Ivanovo Region, carries out fundamental and applied research and development in 19 scientific fields. These fields cover practically the whole spectrum of current scientific trends:

  • The Natural and Engineering Sciences – 6 fields,
  • The Humanities – 7 fields,
  • The Social Sciences – 6 fields.

These fields have a complex character, the scientists of the departments and the divisions of IvSU, institutions of higher education of Ivanovo and Russia are involved in doing research in these areas.

Collaboration of the scientific and educational centres, which have been established at the university and which actively function now, leads to and results in coordination of educational process and research:

  • Nanomaterials Research Institute
  • Intelligentsia Studies Research Institute
  • The Tribological Centre of Science and Education
  • Chemical Physics Centre of Science and Education
  • The Centre of Studies focusing on the ‘Problems of Economic Reliability of Production Systems’
  • The Centre of Studies focusing on the ‘Topical Problems of Mathematics and Computer Sciences’
  • The Archaeological Centre of Science and Education
  • The Research Centre of Studying the German Law
  • The Laboratory of Communicative Behavior of a Human Being
  • The Laboratory of the Research in the Post-Soviet Era
  • The Public Laboratory of Research in Criminal and Legal Law
  • The Centre of Studies focusing on the Problems of Economic Reliability of Production Systems
  • The Center of Industrial and Information Technologies
  • The Centre of Studies focusing on the The Written Word in the Context of Culture
  • The Centre of Ethnic and National Research
  • Urgent Problems of Modern Lexicography
  • The Research Centre of Regional Development
  • The Research of Poetics of Сlassical Russian Literature

Nanomaterials Research Institute (Director: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Usoltseva Nadezhda Vasilyevna) is a flagship of the development in nanomaterials research in the region.

Nanomaterials Research Institute (NRI) is a scientific structural division of Ivanovo State University which focuses on doing research in the sphere of nanomaterials. The institute was set up as a successor of the Liquid Crystals Research Laboratory in 2008. The history of the Laboratory goes back to the foundation of Ivanovo State University. The school of Ivanovo specialists in the areas of liquid-crystal materials synthesis and research is well-known and valued all over the world. It was here where in the 70’s of the 20th century the first synthesis of liquid crystalline compounds was carried out in the Soviet Union and this synthesis marked the beginning of the age of modern electrooptics.

IvSU publishes a number of scientific journals. Among them one can mention such publications as ‘Liquid Crystals and Their Application’, ‘Woman in Russian Society’ and ‘Intelligentsia and the World’ which are included by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles into the special list of journals recommended for publishing main results of research aimed at gaining the academic degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Sciences.

Besides, the journal ‘Liquid Crystals and Their Application’ is included into the international citation data bases ‘Web of Science’ and ‘Scopus’. Since 2017 the journal ‘Woman in Russian Society’ is also included into ‘Scopus’ international citation database.