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Student’s life

IvSU has hit top 100 universities of Russia that realize the Program of Students’ Unions development. From the financial point of view the program is made possible through the special grant support provided by the Ministry of Education.

Our Awards

IvSU has a number of times been a winner in various contests organized by the Ministry of Education: “University promoting healthy life style”, “The best awareness-building effort organization among educational establishments”,  “The best awareness-raising work organization among educational establishments”.

Among our students there are winners of “All-Russian Students Forum” in nomination of “Sport and healthy life-style” and “All-Russian Contest of Students Projects”. IvSU can also boast of several prizewinners in an all-Russian contest “Student of the year” in the following nominations: “The best leader”, “The best researcher”, “The best athlete”.

According to the results of the contest organized by Science Media IvSU’s photography club is acknowledged as the best in Russia. 

Students’ Forums

Our students take an active part in a number of all-Russian forums and workshops such as “Students’ Russia”, contests “Student of the year” and “Univervision”, all-Russian “Students’ forum”,  “Good quality education”, “Territory of meanings” and “Tip-top” forums, a summer camp “Step-by-step”, “XXI century leader” workshop etc.

Students’ Projects

  • “Your choice” –  a multilevel school for most active groups of students ;
  • “Hello! You’re  a student!” – a project aimed at first-year students ;
  • “Initiation to studentship” – a contest/performance;
  • “Hello, we’re looking for talented people!” a contest/performance;
  • “We are all together” – an intercultural project;
  • “Brodsky’s grandpa” – a literary project;
  • “Dance Week” – a dance contest;
  • “Light of Russia” – an art project;
  • “Students’ Spring” – a creativity contest;
  • “MegaQR” – a photo quest;
  • “Good quality education” – a federal government project;
  • “The body of public watchdogs” – a federal government project;
  • “The day of trainings” – an all-Russian project.