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Scientists of IfH IvSU took part in a large scientific forum

Scientists of IfH IvSU took part in a large scientific forum

From March 29 to April 2, 2022, representatives of the Institute for the Humanities of IvSU took part in the III International Practical Conference “Dialogue of Cultures. Culture of Dialogue: Digital Communications“. This event was organized and held in a mixed format by the Institute of Foreign Languages of Moscow City University (MSPU).

Leading specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Pyatigorsk, Krasnoyarsk and many other cities took part in the conference. The plenary and section reports discussed issues related to the problems of digital and intercultural communication, media and business communication, digital linguodidactics.

Due to the great interest of the scientific community in the stated problems, the work was organized in 16 sections. 5 master classes and 1 round table were also held.

The head of the SEC "Laboratory of Human Communicative Behavior" F.I. Kartashkova, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Foreign Philology Department and E.A. Vansyatskaya, PhD., the head of the department of foreign languages. In their presentations, the speakers managed to show that the study of the interaction of two components of communication (verbal and non-verbal) makes it possible to identify the specifics of a person's communicative behavior in various forms of social interaction.

The report of O.M. Karpova (D.Ph.S., Prof., Head of the SEC “Modern Russian and European Lexicography”) and E.M. Grigoryeva (PhD. in Philology) “Dictionary as a reflection of the cultural heritage of the nation (based on the dictionary “Florence in the Works of World Famous People””), in which our scientists spoke about the joint project of a new generation volunteer dictionary with the Foundation Ramualdo del Bianco.

Also director of the Institute for the Humanities, Doctor of Philology S.A. Manik a master class “Vocabulary or Corpus in the Educational Process: Reality and Challenges?” as part of the work of the youth direction of the conference “Young Researchers on Digitalization Issues”.

The speeches aroused great interest and response from the audience. Participation in such events allows representatives of different scientific schools to exchange views, as well as maintain and expand scientific contacts.